Chicken and avocado Mexican platter in the Mission, San Francisco
Mexican shrimps, delicious camarones al ajo, or garlic grilledshrimps in San Francisco.
El Toro or the bull is a 25 years staplemexican restaurant in the Mission district, San Francisco.
Mexican meats are traditional in any Mexican Restaurant like El Toro in San Francisco
Delicious Mexican Flautas in the Nission neighborhood, San Francisco
We serve mexican platters of meat, shrimp camarones, chicken and ore im the Mission, San Francisco
Award winning best Mexican Salsas in the Missio district, San Francisco
Mexican camarones (shrimp) and meat platter in San Francisco, California
Mexican quesadillas with chicken, meat or shrimp and plenty of cheese in San Francisco
Camarones a la diabla, a predered Mexican dish in San Francisco
Best Mission Burritos in San Francisco, at the Mission District


Mexican Restaurant & Taqueria with Innovative Menus and "Mission Burritos", San Francisco

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598 Valencia St., San Francisco,CA 94110

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11am - 8pm

Mexican Restaurant & Taqueria - Innovative Burritos & Menu
We make traditional and new-style burritos, complemented by a large menu of Mexican food options and for years California awarded salsas.


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We are continuously innovating our burritos and our menu as we have done it since the 80's, always maintaining the highest quality and freshness of our Mexican food as it is shown by our year after year continuously prized salsas.

From the salsas and nachos, everything is prepared fresh from scratch every day.

We aim for the highest quality in every detail, from the food to the service, restaurant, and on-line ordering. It is not a cliché, we really mean and practice paying attention to every single detail to offer you the best and most tasteful Mexican food we could offer. Decades of experience, experimenting and innovating Mexican Food allows us to say confidently that when you come to El Toro you will receive a top quality food and service.

We started innovating on Burritos decades ago, today Burritos are our client's favorite dish!

Although we have an extensive and varied menu that offers you many options, "Burritos" are our client's preferred dish. People come for our burritos from far away, they order them on-line for pick up or eat them here. Many of our clients keep coming to taste a new burrito variation or to repeat the classic ones.

We created the "Chile Relleno Burrito", and as many of other innovations we have made, people try them and like them. When we create new Burritos and other dishes or change our recipes it is always with our clients in mind. Our long experience, our outstanding chefs at work and our true passion to offer Mexican Food will surprise you!

Mexican Platters in El toro Taqueria, Mission, San Francisco
Best Salsas California Awards year after year, at El toro in Mission, San Francisco
Shrimp tacos is just one of many taquitos choices at El Toro in San Francisco
Mexican Culinary Tradition & Innovation results in a large menu wioth a varied of delicious Mexican Dishes
We welcome group of friends, family or work colleagues to enjoy Mexican Food at the heart of the Mission area in San Francisco, California
We make fresh traditional Mexican juices daily

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About Us
We have been innovating on Mexican Restaurants since 1987

El Toro Started as a detour from a former job, almost accidentally after conversations with my brother. We knew very little about restaurants and we rented a place that actually was not zoned for restaurants, so there it was our first challenge: change the zoning. From there on we have not stopped rethinking what a Mexican Restaurant should be and delivering the best service and the best Mexican Food that we can offer. Many California awards and loyal clients recognize our efforts.

Nachos & Salsas. Remembering my father giving candy to children so they would return to his shop for the periodic family groceries, we started offering Chips & Salsas to our clients for free. It was a new approach, resulting on an innovation that virtually all Mexican restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area imitated.

Varied Expanded Menus. Traditional Mexican food is delicious, but we wanted to offer new dishes, new combinations, and more choices as it is a custom of North American culture. We offered dishes that did not exist in Mexican menus before, with options and additions that allowed you to customize your dishes. As with the Nachos and Salsas, it was a trend that was taken over by other restaurants, creating a new Mexican Cuisine.

New Burritos. Burritos have become a staple and for many a "must have" in San Francisco, especially in the Mission district. We are proud to have cooperated to that trend, starting to innovate on burritos as soon as we opened the restaurant. We are happy and proud to see many Burritos, now classics, that started in our restaurant, such as the Chile Relleno Burrito.

At the end, besides a passion for Mexican food, innovation and perfection in details that produce an outstanding Mexican food experience, we like entrepreneurship and business. Since day one we have been committed to run our restaurant as a serious business that prides on excellence in everything.

Seeing customers return over and over, and hearing their comments about our food, service and place, as well as watching our happy personnel is what gives meaning to our endeavor and makes us proud.